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About Stretching

Unique artificial intelligence stretching methods, disperse and eliminate illness!

Benefits of using BlackCat Stretching Machine

As a training method of artificial intelligence, Black Cat Stretching Wellness is not just a set of popular or fashionable fitness exercises. When modern people absorb its beneficial essence, you will find that the benefits of black cat build-up are numerous.

  • Accelerate Metabolism

    Remove waste from the body, repair the body, and regulate and beautify from the inside and outside.

  • Bring you elegant temperament

    light posture, and improve people's internal and external temperament.

  • Enhance physical strength and elasticity

    Balance the development of body limbs, make you more and more cheerful, energetic, and physiologically happy.

  • Help preventing various physiological related diseases

    Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, arthralgia, insomnia and digestive disorders.

  • Adjust the physiological system

    Improve the blood circulation environment and energized internal vitality

  • Eliminate worries

    Stress relief, relax body and soul, mindfulness, think calmly, and achieve the purpose of self-cultivation.

  • Improve immunity

    Increase blood circulation, repair damaged tissues, and adequate nutrition flow for body tissues.

  • Improve concentration

    Best resting method and exercise for students and stressed people to improve their study and work efficiency

  • Help in practice of mindfulness

    To let you stay at the present moment to uphold your role, and openly welcome all the challenges in life.

Why everyone needs body stretching?

Everyone has different degrees of muscle contraction, even modern children are no exception, so why do people have contraction? Humans are animals, and they tend to shrink if they don't move for a long time. When a tendon is injured, it will produce reflex contractions and spasms; sitting for a long time will also cause muscle contraction.

The advancement of science and technology have made our life more comfortable. Most people use elevators and cars, which greatly reduces the amount of exercise and increases muscle contraction. Those white-collar workers who have been sitting and working for a long time, especially the boss  (even a glass of water needs to rely on the staff to deliver), so the possibility of contraction is greatly increased.

In the past, most contractions occurred in the elderly. In recent past ten years, computers and mobile devices have become popular. Children who are just a few years old playing video game consoles, and adults working with computers, sitting for a long time, incorrect posture, and computer placement. The position is not appropriate, and there is not enough space under the computer desk to stretch the feet. The muscles of the back leg gradually contract, which will cause the leg muscles to shrink over time.

For example, an 8-year-old child whose whole body is misplaced, often tells his mother that he feels numbness in his hands and feet, feels uncomfortable all over his body, cries and makes noise, and the parents do not know why. Professional drivers are also a high-risk group, because they sit in a small car with their knees bent all day long. It is difficult to stretch their muscles and bones, and the muscles of the back and legs tend to contract, causing contractions.

Professional teachers describe the contraction in this way : at first it is because your heart contracted, just like when you are shocked, people’s first reaction is often a tight body, and the most exaggerated thing is to shrink into a ball. If you are frightened for a long time, you will become contracted. This is a manifestation of contraction from heart contraction to muscle contraction.

The pressures in our daily work and life are all causes of contractions. If your mind is contracted, your muscles will naturally shrink. Therefore, muscle stretching is imperative, and everyone needs stretching. The first thing to do with stretching is to let you open your heart. Once your heart is opened, any sickness can be healed by yourself. Use the BlackCat to relax your body and soul. You can relax while living a healthy life, so why not! For the elderly, there is a saying “the muscles grow by one inch, and longevity will be extended by ten years.” This statement is not an exaggeration.

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