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BlackCat Stretching

The Origin

"Stretching" is a cat's speciality. Have you ever noticed that whenever a cat rouses, it will always stretch its bodies forward? Cats are favourable in Malaysia and also around the globe.

Black symbolises power and mystery. Ancient writings also have records that perceive the black cat as a home watcher, an amulet that keeps away evil spirits, and there is a rumour that says black cats can bring wealth and good fortune to their owners.

The establishment “BlackCat Stretching Wellness” is inspired by this specific action of cats, and it also has the intention to ensure the well-being of customers who come to the BlackCat Stretching Wellness Centre.

BlackCat Stretching Wellness” combined with yoga poses mimics the action of cats stretching and bending over. Whether you love cats or not, there are no cons in performing this pose. It will be a beneficial and safe warm-up exercise, not only to eliminate back stiffness but it can also improve blood circulation and strengthen the body and its immune system.

The Principle

In this generation, people generally do not exercise enough. After staring at the computer and using a mobile phone for long periods, our neck will unconsciously lean forward, causing the muscles near it to be overly tight, causing the cervical spine to bend forward and our body to be imbalanced.

Such long-term physical imbalance can induce shoulder and neck pain, muscle stiffness, poor blood circulation, decreased metabolism, and difficulty in transporting nutrients and oxygen. It'll also make us prone to drowsiness and fatigue and more vulnerable to sickness. Moreover, it'll also become the cause of obesity and various chronic diseases. To prevent these from happening, doing body stretching from time to time is the best way.

BlackCat Stretching Wellness ─ Stretching exercises that can be done by anyone and are suitable for all ages. Consists of 12 ways and 4 treatment programs. In just 30 minutes, all parts of the body - neck, back, waist, head, hands, feet, thoracic spine and knees can be treated. This way, your health can be maintained, the flexibility of your body can be increased and pain will be eliminated.

The 6 Major Benefits

Instant Stree Reliever

Relax Stiff Joints

Stretches The Body Entirely

Improve Blood Circulation

Help Relieve Backache

Body Slimming

BlackCat Stretching Wellness Machine

The BlackCat Stretching Wellness Machine is an all-rounded machine with electrical remote control, which helps to relax the human muscles and veins. First-time users can adapt to the degree of stretching by starting from the lowest setting. Each additional degree of settings will increase the stretching by 10 mm. Therefore, the chances of getting injured are low to non-existent.

There are five different pieces of equipment in the Black Cat Stretching Belt. They function to position the body parts, including the head, back, waist, hands and feet correctly to guarantee a safe experience. With your remote control, you can decide where and how much you need to stretch.

Using up to 2 years to design the product and to carry out the research for the development of new technologies, we have used more than 100 basic modules and components for the continuous improvement of the product architecture to ensure the stability and efficiency of BlackCat machine operation. The machine has continuously improved to adhere to users’ demands and needs to provide optimum customer satisfaction and experience. Through trial and error, we have developed a product combining all the advantages of previous prototypes.

The BlackCat Stretching Wellness machine is patented.

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